Why should you go for the neuropathy (neuropatia) treatment?

Many people start suffering from numbness in the hands (dormencia nas mãos)condition and start complaining about the stiffness of their wrist and finger joints and muscles. This numbness can be coupled with tingling in the hands (formigamento nas mãos) and makes the life of the patient difficult. If you felt any tingling or numbness in your fingers and hands, it can be that you are suffering from carpel tunnel syndrome and you need to seek neuropathy (neuropatia) treatment and get your medical exam done at your earliest.

There can be many reasons of feeling numbness in your hands. If you had been using your hands and fingers to do some activity that involved a lot of pressure to get desired results, doing this for several minutes or nonstop for a long time can result to the numbness or fingers or tingling in the fingertips or hands. But as soon as you have stopped the activity and you are no more using your hands to exert pressure on something such as pen, a tool or a knife while cutting vegetables etc. the feeling of numbness and tingling goes away. It may return when you get yourself involved in the same kind of activity again but it does not require medical help.

You will need neuropathy (neuropatia)treatment at your earliest when the tingling in the hands (formigamento nas mãos) or the numbness in the hands (dormencia nas mãos) is there even after quitting on the activity and putting pressure through a tool or a knife. It may happen that with this condition it become difficult for you to lift everyday objects such as a spoon or a pen. You will feel your poor grip on holding objects causes them to fall and this may lead to further complications such as muscle atrophy. It is another common symptom felt by the carpel tunnel syndrome patients. Inform your neuropath about your medical conditions and let your doctor run some tests to diagnose the reason behind your tingling and numbness of fingers or hands. Get medicine and treatment to control this condition and live a normal healthy life once again.