Why employers should vet maid employment agencies

When hiring a Foreign domestic helper (外傭) through an employment agency, it is very important for employers to get the agencies to ensure that they are not hiring housemaids through unethical agencies. Basically, there are certain factors that show an employment agency is unethical. One of these factors is providing misleading information about the housemaid. There are many unethical employment agencies that conspire with housemaids to give potential employers misdealing information about them. For example, a housemaid who has been terminated from work due to nonperformance can conspire with an employment agency to give a potential employer misleading information that the housemaid was terminated because of external factors such as a divorce in the family.

When an employer hires a nonperforming filipino maid (僱傭), the employer will start to notice that the maid’s skills are not in line with all the qualifications outlined on their profile. This can be devastating since sacking a maid is a tedious and sometimes expensive process. Secondly, employers should be careful with agencies that give illegal and unethical advice to employers. Some agencies always try as much as possible to show potential employers that they are on their side. This factor often sees the agencies giving employers illegal and unethical advice on how to deal with the maid.

For example, some agencies advise employers to avoid giving the maids rest days or deduct a certain amount of money from the maid’s salary anytime she makes a mistake. These actions are not only unethical but completely illegal. As per the provisions of the law, a housemaid (菲傭) must be given rest days even if it is once a week and have a minimum salary every month. An employment agency’s advice should not be taken blindly. It is best that an employer should get information about worker’s rights or simply hire a housemaid through an ethical employment agency.