Why driving tactics are important in GTA 5

Whether you are just getting started with GTA 5 or experienced at playing the game, you need to have the right tactics to play the game. Tactics are very important when it comes to driving stolen vehicles or driving any other type of vehicle. The traffic surrounding you is key factor in determining how good you will drive a stolen vehicle or how capable you are at losing the police. If you have stolen a car and the police are on your tail, simply weave and bob through cars. This will leave the police angry because they will not be able to get around smoothly. Tactics in this game are better than any GTA 5 cheat because they tell signal how good you are at playing the game.

When you use traffic to avoid the police, do not think that you are out of the hooks yet just because the police are not able to get you smoothly. The police can decide to call for backup and you will see squad cars chasing your down. In this case, your tactics to drive through traffic without using gta 5 cheats will determine whether you will lose the police or be busted. You should always remain unpredictable when being chased by the police. But at the same time, ensure that you are safe.

If you drive recklessly and smash your car, the police will be within seconds of busting you. You should also consider the slow motion ability of Franklin. This is very important because it gives Franklin more stability to handle the vehicle he is driving in real time. When this happens, the world around Franklin will be moving slowly. You can use slow motion gta 5 modded
cheat code to activate it. This aspect is only convenient when getting through a heavy traffic making it easier for you to escape from the cops.