Who developed duratrans and what aspects you have to check to choose aquality product?

Who is the developer of duratrans?
The full name of duratrans is Endura Transparency Technique. This technique is developed in the mid of 1979 and the developer of this technique is Kodak Company. It involves larger sized backlit crystal clear color films. This name has been settled to include all types of large volume backlit display substances. It is true that the name of Kodak Company is well known to all photographers and people who are associated with films and photography.

Development of duratrans was the best achievement for Kodak:
The development of duratrans was the best achievement to them in photography as well as printing technology. In the printing system the graphics are basically printed on translucent oriented film. Graphics can also be printed on the transparent base film. If you want to print the graphics on the transparent base then a milky backside casing as thediffuser is to be included to enhance the dispersion of light throughout the entire surface.

How can you expect the quality of the technique?
The quality of this technique is depended upon the following reasons:
• Resolution – duratrans has a superior resolution than many other types of printing solutions. You can be able to get a 1200 dpi print under the normal print whereas an optimize print it is possible to print up to 4000 dpi for thevery large size of prints and hence it is suitable to choose for large outdoor signage.
• Durability as well as color lifetime – The cause of decaying photographic prints is the ultraviolet light particularly for cheaper pigment forms. It has a larger lifetime than other print substances.
• Black cloudiness – Light blocking is the key feature in preparing graphic prints toshine outstandingly. Dura can be able to stop transmitted light and for which a lighter color diagram is produced with dark image shades.
However, duratrans are more expensive than normal forms of printing because a high-tech and experienced professionals are required to produce this item.