What’s NEO – The Rebranded AntShares

In this article, we will concentrate our attention on what’s NEO — The Newbie Guide to Rebranded AntShares, and how it contrasts with its principal rival–Ethereum.
Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now, as a result of their own gravity-defying rise.
The entire crypto market cap has already surpassed $157 Billion and shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. One of the favorite cryptocurrencies, the one garnering quite a lot of focus is NEO.

NEO is popularly known as the Chinese answer to Ethereum
NEO is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies at the moment and will be the Most Recent entrant into the transformed top 10 cryptocurrencies set using a market cap of $2 billion USD
It is China’s first public series project and its source code is available from the Github repository
The circulating source of NEO is now 50 percent of the Entire supply limit of 100 million NEO coins
NEO is also capable of hosting First Coin Offerings (ICO) on its own network
What’s NEO?
In a nutshell, like any other significant crypto, Neo Wallet is a decentralized blockchain protocol. It’s the rebranded version of AntShares (ANS), which was formed in 2014.
NEO is an exceptional blockchain coding algorithm which supports decentralized trade, identification, and digitization of many assets.