What Is The X4 Labs Penis Extender?

There are so many devices available on the internet, many of which do cost over $300. This doesn’t benefit those that have a smaller budget but still wish to increase the size of their penis. The X4 Labs is a penis enlargement device that has been proven to work and give you the results you are looking for, but at a fraction of the cost.

What benefits can you see with The X4 Labs device?

• Increased Penis Length By 1-1.5 Inches
• Increased Penis Girth By Up To 25%
• Straighten The Penis
• Better Erections
• Budget Device

X4 Labs Penis Extender Review

X4 Labs is a penis enlargement device that can give you additional length and girth in the penis, it is also proven to help cure up to 70% of curvatures. The X4 Labs is medically backed to ensure that you do not experience any side effects.X4 Labs does increase the size of the penis but not as much as devices such as The SizeGenetics, this is because it is more of a budgeted option and therefore there are some differences. As it is a cheaper device, the materials that are used are less expensive than other devices. There are also less additional spare parts that do come with the system, you would need to way up the pros and cons of getting a cheaper device.
There is a saying “you get what you pay for”, if your shopping on a budget then this device would be perfect for you, it gives you some additional size gains. If you looking for a more effective, more durable device then you would want to spend a little extra and buy SizeGenetics. Learn more at https://erinjgz.wordpress.com
• Medical Type 1 Device
• 2 Straps To Hold The Penis In Place
• Discreet Shipping
• Low Cost Penis Enlargement

What Are The Benefits Of The X4 Labs

Just because it is a cheaper device does not mean that you would not see any benefits from it, results you could see are;
• Increased length By up to 1.5 inches
• Increased Girth by up to 25%
• Correct Curvatures by Up to 70%
• Improved Erections
• Increased Stamina
• More Self Confidence
Naturally if you would like bigger and better size gains then you would want to look at spending a little more and buying a higher quality device. We would recommend the SizeGenetics system as a good alternative. As the product is clinically proven and medically backed, there should not be any reason as to why the device would cause any side effects. It has been designed to allow you to wear it for long periods of time without causing any injuries. It is recommended to remove the device for a few minutes every couple of hours to restore blood flow.
As the X4 Labs is a budget device, there are no discounts available for the device is the cheapest device on the internet. If you want a device that is both high qualities and comes at a discount then we would recommend SizeGenetics, by ordering the full system you can get a $50 discount. Learn more about SizeGenetics eVoucher

X4 Labs Bonuses

There are no bonuses that come with the X4 Labs, except for an additional strap and instructional CD ROM. You do however have the option of adding the PenisHealth Exercise program to your order at a discounted price, this can be done at the point of ordering.