What is the format of bundesliga

Football is the game that is loved by most number of people around the world. This game enjoys such great fan-following around the world that surpassed the fan-following of any other sort played anywhere. This sport is so popular that when fussball bundesliga (World Championship Football) is on the kids wear the t-shirt of their favorite team to their school, the adults take leave from their work and watch it on television. Those who can watch the match in field do that by arranging for the tickets anyhow. All this passion and craziness binds the whole nation of Germany from the month of August till May of next year making it a great fest that lasts for 10 months.

The format of the game
The long duration of this league is due to the fact that the matches are generally conducted on the weekends. Per day there are two matches. However, these days even the Fridays are included. Some matches are also played on the weekdays but they are very few in number. When it comes to fussballbundesliga Germans are hard core fans. This league, however, is not just the best in Germany. Rather, it is also ranked by USFA as the second best in the world. This ranking is not only based on present condition of the team but also on the performance of the team in the last five years.

The sport is not new to the world
The games like that of fussball were played even in the ancient times though the rules and methods of playing those games must have been different. The present day football got its present form in the year 1848 when the rules and regulations regarding this sport were formulated. During this time even the elite used to play this game.