What is IPTV and what different formats it is classified?

What is IPTV?
IPTV is an abbreviation name of Internet Protocol Television. It is a service that delivers the videos as well as live television through the IP network. The private network service at their local area or public internet or a vast area networks are the platforms where IPTV can be used.

The IPTV service is mainly distributed to an IP enabled mobile phone, television, laptop, tablet or computer. It can be included into a video easily in accordance with the demand of public. IPTV is basically utilized by organizations of various businesses to provide TV program to resting areas, common rooms, and reception. IPTV is a most important and useful solution for the option of television services within a residential place, hotel or hospital.
This system of IPTV is classified into 3 major forms:
• Live television which may be with or without interactivity linked with latest TV shows.
• Time shifted television – It includ3es catch-up TV that replays a back dated television show and start-over television that replays the latest TV show from its origin.
• VOD or Video on Demand – It refers a list of videos but not linked to television programming.

You will get the facilities of IPTV in various packages. The value of package is varied on what and how much facilities you are getting from the IPTV. From the internet you will get the best IPTV service provider which need not include any contract or nay cancellation fees. The best IPTV service provider will provide following benefits:
For Package cost of 169.99 Euro:
• Set-top box along with ViFi built-in facility
• Free shipping facility with one-year subscription
• Availability of 24×7 live channels
• Inclusion of more that 2000 latest movies on regular basis
• Availability of more than 1200 live channels as well as 2000 VOD
• Available with MAG 256 w1 IPTV