What instructions should you follow before using coin mixer?

In the age of digitalization, most of the people prefer online transaction. Online transaction of money is safe and comfortable as compared to an offline transaction. If you prefer online transaction, then you can avoid long queues, risks, and much more things. There so many currencies are available for the online transaction. But people use bitcoins in a large way. It is the first currency of cryptocurrency due to which its value is very high in people. Along with bitcoins, coin mixer also introduced. It is a mixer that mixed you bitcoins with other bitcoins. It is stored your coins at an appropriate place so that you don’t have to worried about your coins.

Here are some instructions that you have to follow while using coin mixer:
• Firstly, you should have to add your final recipient address. It is must that the address should be right and correct. If you give wrong or incorrect address, then you are unable to enjoy the facility of this mixer. All the payments are made in this mixer are final. So it is very essential to give the address to a right recipient.
• Secondly, you should have set the commission price for getting the services. You can set the prices according to the number of chains that you used. If you do not set the commission price, then you should have to pay a large amount of money as a commission.

• Along with commission, you also have to set deferred payment. If you set the payment, then you can avoid delays. It also provides you a facility to avoid tracking of payment.
• You should have to send the money for enjoying better services of this mixer. At the time of using the mixer, you get a facility to guarantee. Due to which it is must for you to download the guarantee letter.
By following these instructions, you can use coin mixer in the best way.