What do you mean by HGV fleet insurance?

Everybody who deals with businesses that require transportation of heavy goods understands that owning heavy goods vehicles is essential. After this, managing the fleet of vehicles becomes difficult as well as risky. Highway accidents and engine damages happen anytime to the trucks and other heavy vehicles. There is a solution for the operation of heavy goods in an easy way – hgv fleet insurance . With thousands of goods moving around each day, it is important that they are insured. HGV fleet cover is a policy that will insure multiple drivers over multiple vehicles. This is done to cover the maximum value of goods. Also, you don’t have to face the problem of insuring individual truck every time.

Why should one use HGV fleet insurance?

• Many insurance companies’ works with the UK specialist brokers that provide multiple policies for heavy goods vehicles at exceptional rates.

• The advisors dealing with HGV are knowledgeable and professional to help you know about the policies.

• The new customers can get the introductory discounts up to 70%.

• Get special rates for driver only fleets.

• One can excess free policies in the event of an accident or any other miss happening.

• The HGV fleet insurance is really quick at quoting and can cover you immediately.

• Instant and easy documentation.

• Along with all the benefits, you are provided with 24 hours accident helpline.

• The well-trained advisors of the companies are always ready to answer your questions.

• The HGV fleet insurance comes with flexible payment plans. So, there is no problem in getting a fleet of vehicles insured.

Why HGV fleet insurance over individual policies?

By having a fleet insurance done, you can easily run your business with a lot more flexibility. You can easily move the drivers around the HGVs without opting for a new policy and notifying a broker every time a driver changes the vehicle.