Vintage and retro, similar but not identical

Surely many people who are not decoration specialists often ask themselves what is the relationship or the difference between vintage style and retro style. But surely many other people who are not specialists in the field but are users of, if they know this and other differences between both concepts and are able to apply them and get great advantages when redecorating their environments and renew their style.

To learn to easily differentiate both styles, let’s first know What Does Vintage Mean. Etymologically we can say that the vintage word of the Anglo-Norman Vintage, which comes from the old French vintage. In vintage English it means “vintage” and it is related to the grape harvest and the production and maceration or aging of the wine.

Vintage is the word that is used to catalog clothes, objects or accessories that have a certain number of years, but not enough to be classified as antiques. They usually have no less than twenty years of designed and elaborated. Generally, these objects, garments, and accessories are restored and reused as elements for decorative purposes. They are usually pieces of excellent quality and in good condition, which makes them unique pieces of important value.

Now we will know the Retro Definition, the word “retro” as such comes from the retro Latin meaning “backward”. When we speak of retro style we refer to the evocation of past or past fashions. The fashion or retro style is related to recent creations but inspired by fashions, tastes, and aesthetics of another era, that marked a trend or that were once very popular and are now back again, even with variations or mergers with the modern.

Some elements are converted into symbols or icons of a particular time and by incorporating them into the current decorations they become their own and authentic style.