Tips for maintaining the electronic cigarette

The greatest advantage of electronic cigarettes is that they are maintenance free. The only thing a user must always remember is to screw in the cartomizer filled with e-juice and charge the battery once it gets low in order to vape. The process of charging the battery is the same as charging a cell phone. But just like any other technical device, in most cases, an electronic cigarette requires extra maintenance in order to run smoothly and ensure prolonged peak performance. Fortunately, maintenance and cleaning of an electronic cigarette is both easy and quick. There are certain steps one should always follow to ensure that they extend the performance and lifespan of their electronic cigarette.

When the electronic cigarette was introduced, the cartridges and atomizers were sold separately. This created a hassle whereby one had to keep the three parts of the device clean. As a result, the cartomizer or modern cartridge was created. The cartomizer combines both the cartridge and atomizer together hence the name cartomizer. This feature, together with a pre-filled cartridge, simply means that a user does not have to worry about cleaning the end of their electronic cigarette. All a user has to do is to discard it and then grab a new cartridge filled with their favourite e-juice. This means that maintenance may be unnecessary.

While a cartridge in an e-cigarette can easily be discarded once it is empty, the battery is reusable. This means that there are several ways users can optimize the lifespan of their e-cigarette battery through certain maintenance procedures. For example, the battery should always be cleaned at least once in a week. The area that connects to the device’s cartridge should be cleaned using damp cloth. Grime and dirt can easily accumulate in ridges thereby decreasing the performance of the device. Since the residue can harden, this should be scraped out using tweezers or toothpick.