The Best Tennis Racquet For Beginners – 2018

Do you find the tennis sport fascinating and are interested in playing the sport? Congratulations, tennis sport is a fun, great, and challenging sport! Before you start the game you would definitely need a tennis racquet. Though there are a number of best tennis rackets for beginners, but you must know that any racquet you choose should be reliable, easy, and such that can improve your game.

It is advisable for beginners to choose a lightweight racquet that has a head size of between 98 to 115, this is because a big sized head can help beginners to hit the ball more. More so, beginners should learn how to string a tennis racket without any hassle because most racquets come un-strung. Knowing tennis racquet ratings will also help beginners in choosing right rackets.
So, without taking more time, let’s take a look at some reviews of the best tennis rackets for beginners.
Wilson Us Open Junior Tennis Racquet Review
This racket is a great starter racket for tennis beginners. Depending on your age, you can choose a length between 19 to 25 inches. This racket is made of aluminum which makes it very light and easy to swing. It also comes in varying head sizes from 82 inches to 106 inches. These features make using this racket much more pleasurable.
wilson federer adult strung tennis racket review
This tennis racket is designed for beginners seeking premium rackets. The racket is equipped with Arc technology, which ensures stability while hitting tennis ball. More so, it offers comfortable grip for easy holding in your hand as well. It is equipped with shock pads to effectively eliminate vibration. You can as well make adjustment to its strung with its 3-point head light.
Babolat Pure Drive Racquet Review
This racquet is a forgiving, easy, and reliable one which makes it a great choice for beginners. It offers a great combination of spin and power. It comes with a head size of 100 sq. in. which gives user a big sweet spot. Though not the lightest but definitely not a heavy racquet as it weighs only 11 ounces. It comes in a nice matte kind of finish for a more professional feel and look.