Step by step of a good tattoo with the chiang mai tattoo artists

If you are passing through Thailand and have already decided to get a tattoo that serves as a Thai souvenir, you should be sure to choose the right place to trust your health and safety.

Entering thai.tatoo, the search engine of all the places destined to the design and the elaboration of tattoos, offers you immediately a list in which you will be able to choose the best option in Thailand, the location, range of prices, comments and recommendations of others customers, who will allow you to easily choose the best tattoo artist Chiang Mai, to ensure quality work.

Through Thai.tatoo, you can also locate all the names of famous Chiang Mai tattoo artists, featured in specific types of tattoos such as mandalas, free designs, realistic portraits, for each particular taste.

By consulting all the information on thai.tatoo, the decision is yours, the choice of tattoo artist chiang mai is extremely important and personal.

With just one click also offers important information and recommendations that all people who decide to get a tattoo for their safety should consider, so they can choose duly authorized studies. To get a tattoo it is recommended that you know some steps of the procedure:
• The artist who will perform the tattoo should wash his hands with an antibacterial soap.
• Shave the part of the body to be tattooed.
• You must wear clean and new gloves and a surgical mask.
• You must clean and disinfect the area of the body to be tattooed and apply a thin layer of Vaseline on it.
• You must explain to the client the sterilization procedure and open the sterilized and single-use equipment (such as needles and the like).
• The artist will use the tattoo machine (provided with a sterile, disposable needle) to begin drawing the outline or silhouette of the tattoo under your skin, it is likely to change to thicker needles to paint the design.