Setting up Skype & Information on its plans

Setting up skype is fairly straightforward. They support literally every type of device and operating system. The primary devices that will be covered are mobiles, laptops / computers and tablets. When it comes to Operating System they do support Mac & Windows & Linux. The steps are pretty simple

• Download the software onto your tool to install it. It hardly takes one minute for download but it all depends on your network speed.

• After download, launch the setup and it will take you through a series of configurations and registrations. Provide your account details, if you already have a skype-id or create one.

• You can also provide profile picture and edit other settings pertinent to your notifications.

• Launch the app now and add contacts that you wish to talk to. You also can search with their details like email-id. Once done you have the option to either chat in text, audio or video format. Try to individually test all these options and get familiarized so that when you have a need you can quickly use these services. All of them are pretty much free.

Let us take you through some plans available from Skype

• They have monthly calling plan termed subscription. This is really useful for heavy users who want to contact a lot of mobile and landline numbers directly from skype.

• They have credits options. This is like spending your money on a needed basis. You will have charged on usage basis.

• Skype numbers are like virtual phone numbers which can be reached by anybody from any part of the world.

• Skype to Go is another interesting plan which is useful if you are traveling and want to call up a lot of friends.

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