Pros and Cons of Automated Welding Technology

Although manual or semi-automatic welding is considered to be the best process for any assemblies, yet large scale industries focus has already turned towards welding automation because due to factors like improved quality, productivity and profitability. There are many company that provides top of the line automated welding solutions with ease. When industries approach them with their welding needs, they come to you tailoring your needs effectively.

Advantages of Automated Cutting and Robotic Welding Equipment
With the robotic welding, all the welding parameter works by means of control. Many industries usecolumn and boom welding manipulator which are designed to deliver precision and rigidity to the system. They not only deliver with precision rather maximizes the production and safety of the machines. Some of the primary benefits of automated welding techniques are
• Improved quality and accuracy – With semi-automated welding, there are possibilities in the deviation of quality and accuracy when not done in perfection. However, this is not the case with automation welding. Besides it provides a high quality weld than manual welding
• Repeatability – Manual welding requires repeatable input parameter feed for every operation. However automated machine needs only one-time input
• Reduces the cost of the materials
• Workforce is greatly reduced since most of the operations are carried out by the machines.

Cons of Automated Welding
All the glitter need not turn gold, in the same way, although automated technology provides great ease yet it is equally accompanied by downsides as well. These systems require a higher financial investment which can be a night mare for mid-sized and small scale industries.
Robotic Welding provide large gains both with productivity and profitability which are the essential for a business success. Although every welding operation doesn’t require the need for automated welding, yet the industries turn to atomization when the quality turns out to be a critical factor and also where it requires repetitive functions.