Professor Nobles, the incredible inventor who changes lives

Anthony Nobles is a 51-year-old American biomedical engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur, responsible for the creation and development of novel medical devices that have set the standard in the world of medicine. To date, it already has some 156 devices, backed and marketed by large manufacturing companies such as Boston Scientific, Medtronic and Johnson, and Johnson.
He is currently president of HeartStich Medical Inc, Nobles Medical Technologies 2, Inc, Gyntle Care, Inc, and director of the International Innovation Fund.

Professor nobles is also in charge of the area of biomedical engineering at the German University of Zwickau, the Westsachsische Hochschule and has given numerous lectures at prestigious universities in the United States and other parts of the world, including the Harvard Medical School, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. , the American College of Surgeons and is a frequent guest of the Nazarbayev University.
The devices created by Tony Nobles are applicable in different medical areas and include dental mechanics, general and laparoscopic surgery, vascular surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, urological surgery, cardiology, radiology, and neurosurgery. But his innovations do not end there; he is also responsible for the development of the electronic book, the single-board computer, the interface of the DMA high-speed printer and others.
This multifaceted man is also a philanthropist who cares for the less favored. That is why the Nobles Family Foundation offers activities and financial aid for children and families with limited financial resources. In addition, it is a sponsor of other events that also have a social character.
Since he was a great enthusiast of the Halloween festival since he was a child, Tony Nobles set out to make an annual free event that all families can enjoy equally and where the inventor shows his great talent, presenting attractions where a deployment of interesting technology. For 18 years it has been held at the Sunset Beach Community Center.