Life is not really boring

The paradox of our times
Life is fun; but it rarely seems so. We live in paradoxical times. We go on years on end toiling hard and sweating and sacrificing to get better things for ourselves. We can often get lost in this cruel world and start feeling the burden of life on our shoulders and come crashing down. It is important that we keep ourselves fit and fresh and ever so often rejuvenate ourselves so that we can get back into the fight to survive.

The daily routine of anyone today is usually the same. Wake up early in the morning, go through all the motions to make oneself ready and presentable for work, head out to work, spend the entire day in the confines of your office, step out, head back home in the evening, spend whatever little time you have left in the day to watch a bit of TV or some other leisure activity you enjoy (often even forgetting that there might be someone else sharing the house with you) and then go to sleep on time as you have to wake up early the next day to repeat the routine. Life can often seem monotonous and as such can lead to stress and even throttle us into depression if we do not take care of ourselves.
Packing our bags and hitting the road every now and then is not a bad idea and can lead to monumental changes in our life. Travelling is one of the greatest stress busters and if you have loved ones in your life, travelling with them is the best way to strengthen the bond with them as you discover new places and go through new exciting experiences together.
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