Lekto wood fuels – Your best kiln dried logs

Biomass is a renewable energy source widely used in the European continent with a huge potential for expansion. One of the most frequent forms of biomass use is for the generation of heat for single-family homes, in urban heating installation projects and of course also in industry.

For large heating manufacturers who use wood as fuel, it is essential that the logs for sale offered on the market comply with the necessary quality standards for which their equipment has been tested, especially those of small and medium size.

Many companies put heat logs for sale on the market, but do they have the quality that want?

As winter approaches it is natural that we pay special attention to heating. And today there are many people who bet on wood as the best and most economical source of renewable energy capable of generating heat log.

At lekto wood fuels, we are experts in providing you with the wood fuel of the best quality with our innovative and practical fuel alternatives that you can adjust to your needs as the case may be.

First of all, we have bark briquettes, a cylindrical fuel that measures only 10 cm in diameter and a foot length specially designed for easy storage in homes where a lot of space, this type of briquettes are burned at a rapid and slow fire that provides a lot of heat, when the birch briquettes feel like sawdust this is because they have been compressed in that way.
It is a very easy and quick ignition fuel, being able to adjust its ignition according to your preference in terms of duration and heat register.

We can also offer you our bark briquette specially designed for very cold seasons in which you require the house to warm up quickly. For all these lekto wood fuels is the best fuel.