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The man has always looked for ways to satisfy his tastes and has created habits such as drinking alcohol or smoking. Although these customs are not very healthy, they have remained throughout the ages, transforming and perfecting the tools to carry it out.

This is how the “Glassbongs” are conceived, after a long history of modifications, a much more resistant and attractive model has been reached. A few decades ago, this instrument was used by intellectuals and gentlemen of certain social classes.
Nowadays, these Glassbongs are a much requested element for the consumption of tobacco grass, marijuana and other types of materials. Formerly, they were made of stone, wood, metal, etc.
Currently, it has been possible to manufacture them with elements such as boron and silicon, resulting in borosilicate. This material is very resistant to high temperatures, which is a huge advantage in the practice of smoking dried herbs.
The refractory properties of the borosilicate and its flexibility allow it to adopt the spoon shape required for the pipe to function correctly. In addition to its ideal structure for smoking grass, it also has fun colors and striking tones.
This type of material does not decompose or wear out, so it does not represent a significant damage to the health of the person. They are quite durable, but you have to be especially careful with the blows, because they can break and, even more, if it is hot.
The design of the Glassbongs is similar to that of a spoon since it has a hollow duct with a hole in one end and in the other side a bowl, shallow, where the grass is placed. In several models, they have a hole in the conduit.
The piece has a considerable thickness to protect hands from burns. To keep them clean and free of residues they should be cleaned with alcohol and water.
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