How To Take Care Of Your Laguiole Knives

laguiole is a popular brand in knives around the world that is known for its high quality products and fine craftsmanship. If you use pocketknives or penknives in your everyday life then you must have a few from this brand in your collection for sure. However, to makes sure that your knives keep performing perfectly for a long period of time you have to take proper care of them. And, if you’re finding it hard, here are a few things that you need to do for maintaining your knives well.

First of all, don’t give them extended exposure to water. Even after washing the knives with water, make sure that you carefully wipe them out right away. Also, never let substances of dirt or food dry on your knives.

Always use some quality detergent for cleaning your laguiole knife (couteau laguiole). Use warm water to wash the knife and always wash it by hand. The use of abrasives for cleaning your knives is never recommended.

If your knives fold close, make sure that you keep their closing mechanisms properly oiled all the time. This will make sure that they work well for a longer period of time. If you fail to oil them regularly, you might have to face issues when opening or closing them. You may even end up breaking them by exerting unnecessary pressure.

Always sharpen the blade of your knife using whetstone. It will keep your knives usable for a longer period of time and they’ll keep performing at optimum levels.

Also, make sure that you follow manufacturer’s instructions that come with your laguiole knives to take proper care of them. Different materials are used in different knives and they should be taken care of accordingly. For instance, there can be different types of handles and blades, which require different type of care. So, following manufacturer’s instructions is the right thing to do.