How to make your YouTube posts popular?

Do you know about YouTube? Yes, this is a famous website where millions of videos get uploaded daily and still many more are watched every day. It is more or less a search engine of videos, where everything from songs to full length movies can be found. In addition, people also upload private videos of their college functions, birthday parties or covers they do for different artists. Uploading your own creations on YouTube has become more of a trend and the cyber world population has actually gone a step forward: your popularity is now measured by the number of likes and views your video has earned, so, all you have to do is strive to increase views and ratings.
YouTube ratings change on the daily basis. If however, your video is lucky, it may stay in top rankings for a couple of days or so. For a video to be ranked high, it needs to have a lot of views. Though apparently it sounds like the only way to increase ‘views’ of a post is by people viewing them, this isn’t entirely correct. Mankind, as usual, has come to its own aid and has solved this problem too. You can now buy YouTube views online! Many websites offer YouTube views for cash, in order to make your video seem popular and in order to seduce real public into viewing it.
YouTube views are not only easily attainable through the cyber market, they are also quite affordable. You can get around 10 000 views for your video for only 13 bucks or so. As the number of views you want increase, so does the price. The exact cost of each package varies with the agency offering it and therefore leaf through all the offers carefully before you buy YouTube views.