How can you download Android APK files from APK downloader?

Gone are the days when people used telephones for communicating their loved ones. Since a decade, the use of cell phones has increased at a constant rate. There is nothing a smart phone cannot do. Whether it is Android software or iOS every smart phone has numerous benefits. But only Android users will understand the concept of Android APK files which uses apk downloader.

There are applications which are developed only for Android platforms and are called android applications. After its, development, each application carries various folders and files within it which mostly are the resources and functionalities of that application. In order to run the application on the cell phone, you should have an archive option that includes all the requirements. These archive files are called android APK files. These files can be downloaded from APK Downloader.
What does android APK files consist of?
All the necessary files and data are contained in APK which are pre requisites to run an application on a cell phone. The Android APK files include:
1. Source code – this code is used necessarily to define application functionalities. In a normal way, it is referred to as classes.dex.
2. Manifest file – this is a very important file that specifies the flow of the application, the permissions it needs, application package, various version codes of the app, necessary signatures, application certificates and SHA-1 digest.
3. Libs – it is a directory which includes all the jar files and compiled codes. A lib is treated as a library for various applications.

4. Assets – this is the second important directory which has all the necessary arbitrary files, for example, audios, videos, fonts, texts, etc. in it.
5. Resources – like the various files that take care of the layout of distinguished pages of the app it contains META-INF res directory.
When a person downloads an application, he actually downloads APK file of that application on his cell phone. One can also download these files from APK Downloader.