Homestay Melaka: perfect place for a getaway stay back

Homestay Melaka gives you the perfect opportunity to blend in with the locals know about their culture, food, habits etc. by living with them. Being a tourist, you must be very curious about the local people and their culture, this way you can explore the place and the people more authentically. Experience the Homestay culture of Melaka and know about a new and different life and culture.

Various local cultural activities
Homestay di Melaka allows you to learn and take part in the various local cultural activities. One travel and roam to know the unknown and see the unseen. By blending in with the locals, you get your desire of travelling Melaka and know it’s inside story completely. By staying in a Homestay, you will learn all about authentic dressing style, food, culture, habit, rituals etc. of Melaka. If you are staying in a hotel, then you will be missing out all of these raw experiences. In a hotel you will be secluded from the local normal life, you will be treated as a guest there; you might also have to take a guide who sometimes does not prove to be trustworthy.

Expenditure of staying at Homestay Melaka
They have Homestays with different options and a varied price range; you can choose any of them according to your convenience and budget. The lowest price of a night at a Homestay in Melaka is sixty ringgits, which is eighteen USD. The costliest Homestay comes with a fare of 375 ringgits, almost 110 USD. They have room services but you have to pay extra for meals. Some of the Homestay also offers complimentary breakfast. Also they offer you free guide to the local places of interest.
The price of each Homestay Ayer Keroh differs due to the kind of services being provided, the location of the establishment or the extra facilities being provided.