Guided meditation- an introduction for the beginners

Are you looking for some way that can easily help you eliminate stress and offer you deep relaxation at night? If yes, then using guided meditation is the best option available in front of you. It is also known as guided imagery meditation where meditation is done with the help of a guide. This is one of the easiest ways that helps people eliminate stress and offer deep sleep when you are in your bed to sleep. This not only helps you eliminate stress but even brings positive changes in you. This type of meditation is usually experienced by a meditation teacher or just by listening to the recording. The meditation guide will first ask you to sit perfectly and comfortably sometimes you may even ask to lie down.

You have to listen to your guide while they help you through a long series of relaxing visualization. Doing so you will gradually get relaxed, and stress fades away and becomes still keeping your mind clear. It is an enjoyable and effortless experience which results in the elimination of stress and deep relaxation. After this, your guide ill easily brings you back to the normal state, leaving you rejuvenated, feeling refreshed and relaxed. The guided meditation would be as short as 8 minutes or 5 minutes depending on the personal preferences. Few people considered taking guided meditation for at least 20 minutes as this helps them to get sound sleep during the night and eliminate the stress of the whole day.

Why is it different from other meditation?
Few traditional meditation methods or techniques require people to take command of their awareness by simply concentrating on a single point. This can be your physical action, breathing or it may be any mantra such as phrase or sound repeated by them. However, these traditional meditation techniques can be powerful, but some people find it difficult to master. That is why today mist people consider using guided meditation as this helps them eliminate stress and offer sound sleep at night.