Finding Work in Ireland During the Recession

Job Prospects in Ireland Like most other nations from the European Union, Ireland is presently going through a serious economic downturn. Conservative figures set the employment rate at between 12 percent-13%, nearly double that of 12 weeks past. construction jobs Ireland are down nearly 40 percent and a lot of different sectors aren’t far behind. A lot of people would automatically assume that we have no Jobs in Dublin or Ireland, provided the fact that there are more people leaving the country compared to coming. It’s true there are much fewer jobs in Ireland throughout the current time, but it’s still a fantastic country to live in. Ireland is a gorgeous place with an exceptional education program, a large rural and community lifestyle and lots to see and do. It’s also the preferred location for a few of the biggest multinationals in Europe such as Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Intel.

The National Job Agency Fas in case you’ve opted to live in Ireland or you’re currently unemployed in Ireland, then your initial stop off will probably be FAS. FAS is a government agency set up to assist the unemployed find work and earn training to enhance their future job prospects. They have offices in virtually every significant city, where you could go to search for recent employment vacancies. They also have a huge number of training classes for nearly every career path there’s. More importantly, they’re there to provide you ideas and tips for just about any issue you can come up against while searching for work.

Local Newspapers Second, if you’re located in Dublin your needs to search through the classified part of the Evening Herald, in which you’ll see a choice of current construction jobs Ireland to match any career. Cork City also includes the Evening Echo, a daily tabloid with various job listings. These two papers usually include hundreds of job vacancies from all around Ireland.