Famous brands of electronic cigarette

There are present dozens of brands of electronic cigarette in the world and each brand offers unique and distinct characteristics. Similarly there are present several vapor cigarette companies to offer you wide range of electronic products. It has become difficult to select a right product due to presence of several brands and companies of e cig. You must do some research online to find your desired product. The most famous brands of electronic or vapor cigarettes are following

• V2 cigs

It is a most famous product because it offers unique flavors and taste. If you are looking for something unique and close to real cigarettes, you should choose this brand. It is a top rated product and you can confirm it online. It offers numerous refill options. It is a best product for new smokers.

• South beach smoke

It is also a great brand or product due to nice selection of flavors. It has got thousands of positive customer reviews online. The charging case of this brand is small with LED lights. The lithium battery provides you long term benefits and advantages. This electric cigarette brand has become most popular due to nice selection of flavors.

• Green smoke

It is also pretty close to real cigarettes and overall performance of this brand is great. The most important properties of this brand include thick vapors, long lasting cartridge and nice battery life. It contains all important accessories like charger. This brand of e cigarette is economical and reliable.

• Bulk smoke

It is also a very nice product. If you want to save some money, you can choose this brand. It has all important features and properties for smokers. You can also buy this brand online because it is easily available.

• Hallo

Very good product and it is famous due to its unique design and pricing.

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