Essential herbal remedies on how to destroy bed bugs permanently

Bed bugs are small creatures that are increasing day by day and creating lots of health-related problems. But, people who are suffering from those health problems are now finding different methods and remedies using which they can easily destroy bed bugs from their house. If you are also facing the same health problems and finding some herbal methods on how to destroy bed bugs permanently then it is important for you to read the below article carefully. Here in this article, we will tell you some essential herbal methods to destroy those tiny creatures permanently from your house.

Herbal remedies:
• Sweet flag: this is the most popular remedy because this product contains various anti-microbial properties that are helpful in destroying bed bugs. Sweet flag is also known by another name i.e., calamus which is a repellent doe bed bugs. Just prepare the solution and spray it in the areas where you find bed bugs crawling around.
• Bean leaves: it is a traditional method which is mainly used for trapping bed bugs. You just have to spread these leaves over the place where you find bed bugs; this helps in trapping the bugs and place them in the infested area. The leaves contain some trichomes hairs that are very much helpful in killing bugs.

• Indian lilac: use Indian lilac leaves and crush them with your hand or crush them in a grinder. After grinding the leaves spread them over the vulnerable area. The smell of this lilac leaves is extremely helpful in destroying bed bugs permanently.
• Tea tree oil: it is also known as an antimicrobial agent that is very much helpful in destroying these tiny creatures. It is also used for destroying bacteria, and fungi that can affect your body and skin. Just clean your house and other items with this oil and eliminate those microbes and bed bugs easily.
So these were the few essential herbal remedies on how to destroy bed bugs permanently from your house.