Details you cannot miss in private limited company registration procedure!

If you think that just getting the company documents and required monetary compensation can result in your easing the private limited company registration process, you are wrong. There are a number ofdocumentsthat are required for registering a private company and that differs from individuals from various countries. You surely didn’t know such details? Well, that is exactly the reason why professional help is required in this domain.

Listing for Indian companies:

If the concerned director of the company that is being registered is an Indian national, then he or she requires an Address proof as well as specific Residential proof. In case of Address proof, the required documents include PAN card, ration card, driving license, voter ID card. In case of Residential proof, a copy of telephone/electricity/mobile bill can be given.

Listing for foreign companies:

In case for registering of a company, whose director is a foreign national, one needs to present his or her Passport, telephone/mobile/electricity bill, bank statements, driving license, residence card and government issued ID proof.
Shareholder in company registration process:

When there is a joint shareholder, one national and another foreigner, the details mentioned above and proofs have to be submitted. If one subscriber or shareholder is a corporate entity, then a specific Certificate of Incorporation of that corporate body is also needed. Other required documents include – AOA, INC-9, MOA.

Registered office:

When going in for registration of that company, the concerned people need to provide

• Name of the premises wherein this office will be set up

• In case a certain place is taken on lease or agreement, details of that legal agreement

• Also, evidence of any of the facilities that the concerned company is using from concerned landlord. In this case, an NOC certificate is required.

Now, that is quite an intricate list. If you do not want to get involved in any legal tussle, or other associated problems, you can consult professionals from authentic registration firms. They are the best sources to help you with Pvt Ltd Company Registration.