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The Bitcoin, in its beginnings, during the year 2009, was a virtual currency used only by hackers or people who had extensive knowledge of the virtual world. Other non-metallic coins had tried their luck before, but without success, a very different case from the increasingly popular Bitcoin, the most valuable virtual currency in the Cryptocurrency market.

One of the most attractive features of Bitcoin is that its monetary value is higher than the dollar. On the other hand, it can be managed by users directly without the need to depend on any issuer or bank filter, which gave rise to the financial network called P2P or person to person.

These benefits have attracted more and more people who are currently interested in everything that has to do with cryptocurrencies, small or large investors that require accurate information to make sound decisions when buying and selling this kind of currency.

For them, pages like have been created; a web portal that provides updated information about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and other virtual currencies, as well as news about the Blockchain, ICO, guides and mining modalities, global regulation and everything that refers to new developments within of the industry in general.

Additionally, with the Crypto Chart of you can access the most up-to-date market statistics up to the minute, being able to know the latest prices in each cryptocurrency that exists. And with the site calculator, you can easily count your earnings, according to the virtual currency you use.

The success of Bitcoin has given rise to the appearance of hundreds of similar currencies that, according to those who know the subject, represent new opportunities to earn large amounts of money. Therefore, news portals such as are useful insofar as it is necessary to know how, when and where to invest.