Body armour by Fortress Armour

The body armour is protective clothing that is designed to subdue or deflect any attack through a weapon. The attack can be slashing or stab with a knife or by a bullet from a gun. The body armour has been in use for thousands of years. The oldest armour was built around 1400BC in the Mycenean Era. At that time the armours were made through interlocking iron rings and it was known as the Chainmail. In the current world, the armour has evolved and many types of armour are present in the market. The body armours are mainly divided into two main categories namely soft and hard armour.

The soft armour is generally made from the strong fibers like Kevlar and fits snugly because of its flexibility around the torso of the human body. Moreover, it is light in weight and its discreet appearance can be used for the discreet missions. However, it has some limitations. It cannot stop the high calibre bullets from penetrating.

In the UK, Fortress Armour is one of the best manufacturers of the body armour. They offer both Stab vest and a bulletproof vest. However, it should be noted that nobody armour is bulletproof or stab proof. These are the common terms used by the people to search for armour. The leading product of the Fortress bullet proof vest is the soft body armour package that ensures knife and ballistic protection from the fully adjustable concealed carrier.

Types of Body armour Carriers
1. Black Skull: It is fully adjustable body armour carrier which can fit all body shapes. It comes at the price of £29.9
2. Green Skull: This body armour carriers have the Velcro panel to accommodate 10″ x 12″ ballistic panels. It comes at the price of £29.9.

Apart from these body armour carriers Tan Skull and Spartan Carrier are also available at Fortress body armour.