Best Pranks videos

In the social media, all knew that many pranks videos are available. If you want to do the same kind of funny trouble with your friend, then You can choose from the many videos from the social media. The videos of the pranks are now more popular as compare to the others. There are many channels in the YouTube, whose make the videos for the viewers. The most popular channel is wengie pranks because they make the best videos for the festivals and on other occasion. The videos on this channel is very funny and realistic that you can use it for you easily.

The owner name of this channel is Wengie and the pranks are known as wengie pranks. She make the very funny videos that relates to everyone in daily life. In the festival seasons, she make the festival special videos for the viewers of the channel. From the many videos of the wengie, the most amazing videos prank is the “Gift not included”. This is very special and excited prank.
Everyone buys the toys for ourself or for the children’s. But in the toys there are no batteries are available and this prank is based on that theme. In this video, the wengie gives the batteries to the friend for the toys. The fancy cover of the gift looks like that it is very costly but it’s just the batteries for the toys. Person opens the gift and a tag is write on it, i.e. Gift not Included. It means that gift is not present in the wrapping paper. When the person open it, there is only batteries that are used for the toys which is buys by the person in future. So, it’s the prank because the gift is not present in the gift.