Best North Hollywood home inspection Service Provider offer several advantages

The literal meaning Home inspection is to do an examination to check the home condition. Though the process is not followed all the time of buying property. In our whole life purchasing a home is the biggest purchase that one can ever make. So when you are planning to buy any property hire a home inspector who can examine the property properly. Through a home inspection, you can discover the original condition of the home. So it is important to hire a home inspection service before you purchasing a home. It the responsibility of the home inspector to check your dream home before you takes entry to it. We at OR Valuation Services, Inc based in Los Angeles provide Home inspection services. Services provided by us are

• Home inspection,
• sewer inspection,
• Mold and asbestos inspection
• Crawl space inspection
• Roof inspection

Sewer Inspection: We do sewer inspection by a video camera. This North Hollywood home inspection will provide the customer a satisfying understanding of the condition of the underground.

Mold and asbestos inspection: Our skilled and trained inspector do the mold inspection which includes thermography survey. We have the diagnostic tool to check the ceilings, walls and under the floor. Our home inspection service includes swab test and air sampling in the suspected area. After taking the sample it will send to the third party lab to analyze the result.

Crawl space inspection: We provide low profile robot to do the crawl space inspection. This robot can climb 45-degree inches.This robot makes the inspection easy and safe, where the inspector cannot reach. The robot can see in total darkness. The video will be recorded to show the buyer.

Roof inspection: If you live in studio city and looking for Studio City home inspection service then you have come to the right place we are most trusted home inspection service provider in Los Angles.