Benefits of an Android TV Box

Android TV are basically very small devices that attach to the TV through HDMI port and provides all the possible of Android features into the TV screen. The major benefit of Android TV is that they are less expensive and they can attach to any TV through HDMI port as well as they facilitate people to set up all Android apps, not like smart tv that only provide people a few apps based on the TV brand.

Unlimited applications for TV

The great benefit in an Android Box is it’s SO Android, enabling people to use thousands of apps to take complete benefit of the Internet connection. Apps to view films in any format simply searching for an appropriate player on any Android store or Google Play. however not just for seeing multimedia content people will purchase Android TV, but they do it as they can also get audio editing apps, and games installed, get the ability to use WhatsApp, Facebook, send mails etc. briefly, one of the greatest benefits of Android TV is that it offers plenty of Android OS on the TV.


No other system can compete the versatility or flexibility of an Android TV box. You cannot just make your simple living room a multimedia centre with many apps like MX or XBMC Player, but also you can use the social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc. you can browse the web with no trouble and use the browsers like Firefox or Chrome. You can also enjoy gaming on your TV. You cannot just play many Android games, but also you can play them through online streaming or you can employ emulators of any computer system or console. Android box UK is like a treat for people who would like to enjoy connectivity and flexibility that an Android system provides today.