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ear gauges gives a bold and stylish look to express your personality. Ear Gauges are becoming highly popular in the industry especially among the celebrities, and other popular personalities all over the world. They are available in various colors, sizes and shapes. They look very attractive and have become a fashion trend nowadays. The ear gauges are available in different kinds of materials, ranging from metals to stones, from acrylic to organic or glass. They are also available in different weights and prices. So keeping in mind the current demand of the customers, brings you varieties of Ear Gauges which are as mentioned below:
• Double Flared ‘Saddle’ Ear Plugs/Tunnels: These Ear Plugs have smoothly tapered flares and so is easier to insert and remove. They are made with wide variety of materials. One of the main advantage of these ear plugs is that it doesn’t fall out and go missing since the side part of these earplugs are thick. It is available in different colors, shapes and sizes so as to suit your personality.
• Screw-Fit Ear Plugs/Tunnels: These earplugs are often hollow so are very light in weight so it is easy to carry. Since they are not flared, they can be easily inserted into the ears.
Therefore, Ear Gauging has become worldwide popular all across the globe. Hence, one should possess a cool look in this outfit by adopting Ear Gauges and adopting and highlighting it over your body for beautification and Fashion. Thus, Ear Gauging is creating a boom in the Fashion World.