Are you moving out of current providers’ network area?

If you are enjoying current broadband service at lowest price but your new location comes outside of this service, then you may end up by paying more to your new broadband. home wifi installation london service that was cheaper in your location but it can be costly outside that network area, significantly this can become expensive than others.
Worse can be your broadband with poor features if it moves outside your network area. Some of the services will limit the download speed for the customers outside their area while others charge restrictive usage fee to those come unlimited within the area otherwise will apply high traffic management means your connection will get slow artificially depending on the usage time per day or type of internet.

Even if there is no additional restriction off network services can come at cheapest price in wholesale means they are mostly oversubscribed which causes congestion and speed become low during weekends and evening hours. There are services who offer best service in exchange but will charge lesser in higher competition areas as it passes through lower wholesale services cost.
Better way to determine whether you are moving out of your network providers’ area is through broadband checker using current and new postal codes. If you find your provider is offering different price in new location then that network is available there.
If you find that the quality of network is less what your broadband is providing after moving especially when you had better experience with same wifi installation London from another provider then you can get out of the contract early. It will require change in service as it is done in midterm. It will depend on whether your contract period specified is what you receive when moved out of the area.